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Aunt Laura

Aunt Laura
Written by Baby Billyboy

*This story contains adult situations and bisexual themes. Please do not read if you are under the legal age for your area.*

Chapter I

I came home from work one day to find my wife on the sofa. She looked up at me from her magazine and asked how my day had been. I told her it was a bit stressful but I was happy it was now the weekend. She looked at me and said, "aww, is my baby looking forward to his big weekend?" 

I just looked at her puzzled and she reached behind the sofa and pulled up a very familiar bag. She turned it upside down dumping disposable diapers and other baby supplies out onto the sofa. "I was going through some old clothes today and I found some of your stuff. Care to explain?" 

I was frozen. My mind was racing! I was trying to find some way of getting out of this or convincing her that this bag was not mine. "I..I.." was all I could manage to spit out before she put her finger up to my lips. 

"Shhh, it's ok baby. Why didn't you tell mommy you wanted to be my wittle baby?" 

I was taken back by this. I wasn't expecting her to be so cool about the entire thing. 'Maybe this is a good thing', I thought. I looked at her trying to read her eyes and she looked back at me and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "Do you want mommy to put you in one right now?" 

I couldn't believe this. Why had I kept this a secret for so long? 

I could feel my penis start to stir a little at her question and I knew that this was what I wanted. I looked at her and nodded my head. 

She smiled and told me to come with her. She lead me into the bedroom where she had a diaper and some powder and baby oil already waiting for me. She walked over to me and removed my shirt. "Go ahead and lay down sweetheart." 

I did as I was told and she leaned over me and started taking off my shorts. 

As she slid my boxers down my legs I realized that this was the moment I had been waiting for. For years I had yearned for a mommy to diaper me and now I had one. I watched Susan's face smile down at me as she pulled my socks off and I was totally naked and at her mercy. 

She reached over and picked up a diaper and started to unfold it. She was doing this slowly because she knew how it was making me feel. "Okay sweetums, now be a good boy and lift that cute wittle hiney for mommy." 

I was loving this. I lifted my legs in the air and raised my hiney off the bed. 

She put one hand under my ankles and helped me off the bed a little further and then slid the nice new diaper under my butt. It was in incredible feeling being lifted and prepared to be diapered by Susan. As soon as she lowered me back to the bed she grabbed the lotion and warmed some in her hand. She gently started massaging it into my rear and as she made her way up through my legs my baby cock stiffened. 

Susan smiled and cooed at me, "I see baby likes having his mommy do this for him." 

I smiled and she giggled as she started up my cock with the lotion. I was in Heaven. 

She stroked my penis a few more times with the lotion just to make sure I was completely rock hard and then she stopped. I looked up to see why she had stopped but she was already sprinkling powder on my butt. I was hoping maybe she would start the lotioning again but she gripped the diaper and pulled it up snuggly between my thighs. She brought it up and taped it so that my penis was held in place against my body. "Now you better not go potty until your wittle peepee goes back to normal or mommy's gonna have a real mess on her hands." She leaned over and tickled my tummy and I started to forget about my throbbing cock and I let a giggle slip out. Susan walked over to my dresser and picked out something for me to wear. When she turned I saw that she must have found more of my baby stuff because she was holding a light blue onesie, a lacey pair of plastic panties, and some cute little socks that said baby. She put the socks on my feet and then had me stand so she could pull my panties over my diaper and get me in my onesie. 

After I was all dressed she reached in her pocket and pulled out my pacifier and popped it into my mouth. 

"There, all finished. You were a very good boy for mommy weren't you?" I nodded my head as she took my hand and lead me into the living room. "Now watch your cartoons while mommy gets some work done."

I smiled and managed a muffled okay through my paci. I plopped down on the floor and turned the tv on to spongebob. While I was at work I had hoped for a relaxing exening but I never expected this. As I continued to relax I felt the urge to pee. I wasn't sure if I should go or not but then I remembered Susan saying that I shouldn't go potty with my penis up. I guess that means I was suppoesed to use the diaper. I sat very still for a minute and then finally I was able to relax so much that i started to pee. It was a wonderful sensation that I never got tired of. I was looking forward to having this now soggy diaper changed by my mommy and not having to do it myself anymore. Maybe she would even finish her lotioning this time. 

I watched cartoons for another 10 minutes before I drifted off to sleep in my soggy diaper. As I fell further and further into sleep all I remeber thinking is how much I loved this new relationship my "mommy" and I would have. 

Chapter II

While I was asleep there was a knock at the door. I could hear this as if it were a dream or something. If I had been awake I would have run as fast as I could to my bedroom and made sure no one would see me like this but I was not awake. I continued to half hear what was going on when the door opened. I heard Susan talking to someone but I couldn't tell who it was. 

The next thing I knew I heard footsteps walking towards me and a woman's voice. "Oh my God Susan he is adorable!" 

At this I bolted awake like I had just realized how late I was for a meeting and my heart started racing. When my eyes finally adjusted to being rudley awaked I saw my wife standing next to her older sister Laura. Laura was two years older than Susan and at 29 years old looked fantastic. 

My wife was somewhat small. She was very cute but didn't have very large breasts. 

Her sister, however, looked like she could model. She was tall and although she was thin and fit she had a nicely shaped chest and a very nice ass. I had admired her for a very long time but would never let Susan know because she was somewhat self conscious about her being compared to her sister. 

I looked up at the two of them and started racing for an explanation quickly. I didn't know why Susan had let her come in knowing that I was dressed like this but I really hoped she could come up with a better story than I could. 

Susan looked between me and her sister and replied, "I know, isn't he the cutest little guy you have ever seen?" She looked down at me and wriggled her nose at me making a cute little face. "That's right. You're the cutest wittle baby mommy ever saw!" 

I wasn't sure what to say and while I was trying to form out a thought Susan looked at Laura and handed her a piece of paper. "Here is my cell phone number again just to be sure that you have it. I should be back by 10 or 11. Make sure you check him so he doesn't sit around in a wet diaper all night and supper is in the oven. 

I finally realized what was going on. I took the pacifier out of my mouth and shouted, "No! You can't leave me with her. What are you doing?" 

Susan looked down at me and said, "aww, it's ok baby. Mommy is going out to run some errands tonight. It's boring stuff that baby wouldn't wanna do anyway. Now that you are my baby I can't leave you here all alone can I? You just be very good for Aunt Laura and I will be back soon." 

I was mortified! Not only had Laura seen me in my diapers and baby clothing but she was supposed to babysit me tonight. "What about Mark", I shouted hoping that they had not told Laura's husband about this. He and I hung out sometimes and I couldn't bare the thought of him finding out and telling all of our buddies. 

Laura chimed in, "don't worry cutey! Mark doesn't know where I am. He thinks I am going out shopping with your mommy tonight. Besides you don't have to worry. I'm not gonna tell anyone. I'm looking forward to looking after you tonight so stop worrying so much. We're gonna have fun." 

With that some of my anxiety left and I thought that maybe this wouldn't be so bad. If she really wouldn't tell anyone about this then maybe it would be fun. I always did have kind of a crush on her. Still, I didn't understand why Susan would go for this. She was always a bit jealous of her sister. Why would she want to share her baby, I mean husband with her. I guess if there is nothing romantic about it then Susan is probably just trying to make the baby experience better for me. 

I looked up at her and said, " are you sure that this is okay?" 

Susan looked down at me and answered in a sweet mommy type voice, "I promise it's okay sweety. You'll be fine and mommy will be home as soon as she can." 

I finally decided just to trust her, "okay mommy I will be good." 

Laura giggled a little after hearing me call Susan mommy and she turned to her. "Okay you have a fun night and don't worry. I have taken care of many babies and I'm sure he will be no problem." Susan thanked her and walked out the door. 

I was now alone with my sister in law and I just remembered I was wearing a very soggy diaper.

Chapter III

"So cutey, what will it be first?" Laura looked down at me and her gaze stopped at my crotch. "Well well, it looks like we already know whats first", she said bending down and reaching her hand out to me. She slipped two fingers in the crotch of my onesie and felt the inside of my wet diaper. The tip of my penis could feel her finger brush against it as she felt around. "My, we wet our diaper pretty quickly didn't we? Well I guess it's back to the bedroom for a diaper change." 

My penis already began to awaken a little from the finger and now the thought of her changing me was getting it even more aroused. I was small for a guy my age. In most areas I was of normal build but for some reason my penis was a tad bit smaller. It wasn't incredibly tiny or anything but it was enough to make me self conscious of it. Even now as it started getting a tiny bit hard you could not tell through the diaper. 

I opened my mouth to protest that she should not be allowed to see me naked but she popped my paci back into my mouth and took my hand. "Just remember that you promised your mommy you would be good for me." 

I guess this is what Susan had planned for me so maybe it would be ok. I followed Laura into the bedroom and I layed down where I had before. 

She put her hands on the crotch of my onesie and undid the snaps. When she saw my pink plastic planties underneath she got a big smile on her face and said, "aww you really are one of the cutest wittle babies. Did you pick this color out all by yourself?" 

I blushed but did not say anything and she continued to pull them down and off. As she started undoing the tapes of my diaper my heart started to race again. I was excited about her changing me but scared that she would make fun of my penis. She lowered the diaper and looked at my now uncovered crotch. She got a big smile on her face and immediately tried to cover up that she found this amusing. "I'm sorry baby, it's just that I have never seen someone your size have such a small wittle peepee. It's not really really tiny so don't be embarrassed. Besides, little babies like you aren't supposed to be big. How would I fit you into your diaper then?" With that she took a baby wipe and proceeded to clean me off. She had me raise my legs like Susan had earlier and she removed the soggy diaper from under me. She replaced it with a clean diaper and lowered me back down. She was much stronger than Susan and I enjoyed being picked up and really babied like this. She dumped some powder on my rear and then got the lotion. As she massaged it into my diaper area my cock started to harden. Not only was this the same treatment I received earlier but it was my gorgeous sister in law that was administering it this time. My baby cock started to become rock hard now and I looked down at it and blushed again. 

Now she really knew how small it was. Mark's was probably twice this big when it was erect. She saw me blushing and looked into my eyes. She put more lotion on her hand and started running it up between my legs until she reached my balls. "I really do think your little cock is cute. I have seen bigger but yours is so perfect. It probably doesn't feel as good during sex but it fits in a diaper and is so much prettier than other guys'." 

I almost died! Prettier?? What was that supposed to mean? I was kind of proud though somewhere inside of me. I was happy that she seemed to like my cock and that she said it was pretty. I wasn't sure why but it made me happy. As I was thinking about the things she said about my cock she ran her hand up my balls and finally made it to my shaft. A shiver ran up my spine and my back arched a little. I wasn't expecting her to actually touch me there. 

Susan didn't even finish her hand job when I was in baby mode so I figured Laura would do even less but she started to massage my cock harder. When she knew she had my undivided attention and that I was no longer feeling bad about my size she began stroking my lubed up penis just as Susan had done except she was using a bit less force and seemed to be teasing me just a little. 

Laura obviously knew how to drive a guy nuts and it seemed to carry over to babying as well. She gave me a few more strokes and then took her hand away. 

I knew she wouldn't finish, I thought. This was not a sexual thing, she was just my babysitter. But she looked down at me and started to speak. "I know that your mommy didn't finish you off earlier and I'm really sorry she got your hopes up but I asked her not to so that I could do it for the first time." 

I looked up at her and my eyes widened. "What?!?" I asked through the pacifier. 

She continued, "Since I am going to be your babysitter pretty often we thought that I should be the one to teach you how to cum in your diapers." 

Just hearing her say that almost made me lose it right there. "What about Susan", I asked. "It's not really fair to her that I get this". 

"Oh don't you worry about your mommy, she is getting more than enough out of the deal." 

I asked her what she was talking about but she took her dry hand and gave me a swift smack on my ass. "That's enough questions. You are supposed to be a baby and that means no more talking." 

Not wanting to anger my cute babysitter I stopped talking and put my questions out of my mind. "I'm sowwy Aunt Lauwa", I said in my most babyish voice. 

At the sound of my babyish reply her face brightened and she giggled. "That's a good boy", she said. "Now, I want my baby to put his wittle leggys in the air like he did earlier for his diaper change. That's it. Now spread them apart a little and show Aunt Laura that cute wittle behind." 

I did as she asked and put my legs in the air and bent them at the knees. I felt very babyish like this. I was fully exposed and she could see my entire behind as well as my cock (which at his point was already losing it's hardness from all talk and no action). 

She got more lotion on her hand and started carressing her way slowly to my penis again. She made a fake little pouty face and said, "aww what a shame that baby's wittle cock isn't hard anymore. Aunt Laura will just have to fix that." With that said she started stroking again but this time with more lotion. 

I felt strangely exposed with her touching me like this while my legs were in the air like a baby. She could see everything and I could hide nothing. I guessed that that was the reason she had me put them up like this. My cock started to stiffen right away now, especially with this new feeling, and I closed my eyes and was enjoying the special attention my diaper change had gotten me. All of a sudden I felt something touch my butt and I opened my eyes to look. 

"What a curious wittle guy you are", Laura cooed at me. "Just lay back and relax cutiepie. I think you are going to really enjoy this diaper change." 

While my eyes were closed she had lubed up her middle finger on her other hand and was now running it through my ass crack. It felt pretty good actually and I layed my head back and let her touch me without reservations. I started getting used to this feeling when, unexpectedly, her finger crept toward my ass hole and started pushing it's way inside. I immediately clenched my cheeks and looked up at her but she took her hand off my cock and spanked me hard on the ass. 

"You unclench those little buns now and let your auntie clean you!" I did as I was told and now I realized why my legs were in the air like this. It gave her free access to my open ass hole. She put her hand back on my throbbing penis and her finger went deeper into my ass until I felt her probing fingertip inside me. 

Waves of pleasure were being sent through me and I couldn't hold back anymore. My lower back arched and I knew that this was going to be one of my most explosve orgasms ever. Why did getting finger fucked make me so excited and how did Laura know to do this? I didn't even care. I just wanted her to allow me finally to cum like I had wanted to since Susan diapered me earlier. I took a deep breath and I felt the first explosive wave of pleasure pass over me as cum shot out of my baby cock like a rocket! 

Laura was very skilled at this evidentally because at the exact moment I was starting to release my load she took her hand off of my cock and brought my diaper up to catch the mess. She kept pressure on my cock through the diaper and proceeded to finger my ass deeper from within the diaper. 

I continued to cum and I knew that this diaper had just caught the most cum that had ever been forced out of me. I continued with my few last spasms as the last little dribbles of cum were falling into the diaper. When I was finished 

Laura continued to finger me as she took the front of the diaper down and started to milk me penis for the last little bit left in the tip. 

I felt a shiver and I started to tremble as this new sensation made it's way up through my groin. I was just completely finger fucked and masterbated into my own diaper by my sister in law. I was so content that I did not even squirm when Laura removed her finger from my ass. As my breathing started to return to normal Laura leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and told me that she really enjoyed diapering her new wittle baby. 

Then she pulled the diaper snuggly up against my now limp cock and taped it into place. I thought she would get a new one for me since this one was filled with lotion and cum but she said that we shouldn't waste diapers and that babies should learn to like to feeling of there own messes. I lifted my legs again to help her get my panties back on and she snapped my onsie over the diaper. 

Having a sticky cummy mess in my diaper was a new experience for me but I liked it. I layed my head back down and rolled onto my side. 

Laura put my paci in my mouth and patted my butt until I finally drifted to sleep for a nice nap.

Chapter IV

I woke up about 30 minutes later and wandered into the living room to find my babysitter. 

She was in the kitchen and she must have heard me because she called in that dinner was ready. I walked in and she looked over at me, "did baby enjoy his diaper change?" 

"uh-huh", I said with a huge grin that let her know that I certainly did. I sat down at the table and she fed me my dinner in tiny little bites and was sure to miss my mouth and make a mess of my face. I had a sippy cup to drink out of and after finishing three cups I had to pee and so I let myself wet my diaper again. Whether Laura noticed or not I don't know but I was sure she would check again. 

After dinner I went back in the other room and sat down to watch cartoons again. Laura walked in and looked down at me. "Your mommy called while you were asleep. She said she was gonna be home early tonight and that she has a suprise for you." 

I looked up and smiled again. I was happy that Susan was coming home but I didn't want Laura to leave. I loved being Laura's baby. I still loved Susan very much but Laura was definately an amazing babysitter and had a great motherly tone about her. I went on watching tv and wet my diaper once more. 

I just relaxed in my now soaked diaper until I heard the sound of keys in the front door and the knob turning. I looked over to see my mommy come home but was shocked when I saw that someone was behind her. I watched as Laura's husband followed Susan through the door holding her hand. 

My mouth dropped open and I looked over at Laura to see her reaction. 

Laura just smiled back at me and then turned her attention to the couple. "How was your evening guys? I hope you didnt get too rowdy. I was hoping to have some fun tonight." 

Mark just laughed and slapped Susan on the ass a few times. 

Susan smirked at him and then answered Laura, "Are you kidding? How could I not be rowdy with Mark all evening? He is incredible! We barely left your bedroom. By the way I would suggest changing your sheets when you get home." Susan then seemed to notice me sitting on the floor and said, "aww there's my baby. Mommy's home snoogums!" 

I didn't know what to do. At first I thought it was some cruel joke but they were serious. Mark did something sexual with my wife tonight and Laura approved. No wonder Susan let Laura be the first to get me to cum in my diapers. She was probably getting the same thing from Mark. 

I turned my head away and fought back tears. "How could you let Mark finger you?", I yelled. 

"Oh sweety, Mark didn't finger me. It's okay." I turned around and looked her in the eyes. 

"Really?", I asked. "Yes really. Mommy and Mark did grown up things. Fingering is for wittle babies." 

"What?!", I yelled again. 

"Well sweety, you are a baby now and you got what you wanted. Laura told me all about your special diaper change and how much you liked it, so what am I supposed to do now? You can't have everything you spoiled little baby. You needed a babysitter and a mommy and I needed a husband. Now we both have what we needed." 

Through her entire speech she didn't raise her voice once. She seemed like this was perfectly acceptable to go out and cheat on me with Laura's husband. Laura's husband?? I forgot he was here. I stole a glance over at him and I saw him staring at me probably still trying to believe that this was his friend sitting here in a wet diaper. I couldn't bare to look at him so I turned my attention back to Susan. " How fucking could you? You are just a cheating bit..." CRACK! Susan slapped me right across the face and the bad thing was I was already on the verge of tears. 

Now I was bawling and she just looked down at me. 

"I'm so sorry baby if I hurt you but you don't ever use those words again! Do you hear me?" 

I didn't say anything. I just sat there crying onto my onesie. I had been humiliated and hurt. I was broken. 

Susan looked down at me and for the first time since she got home she looked like she felt sorry for me. "I'm sorry baby. Come back to the bedroom with me and we'll get you all cleaned up and then we can talk about this." 

I didn't know what else to do but I wanted to get away from Mark's stare so I took her hand and followed her back to the bedroom. She told me to lay down and I did. She started undressing me and she talked while she did. "Sweetie, you know I love you more than anything. I don't love Mark or any other guy. I love you! However, I have needs sweetheart. After I have changed your wet diapers and seen you like this how am I supposed to ever get excited about sex with you again. I need a man to give me what I long for and you are not that man. I do not want to leave you. I want us to stay married forever but I don't want you as my husband anymore. Laura, Mark, and I have talked it over and Laura is going to share Mark with me. We found a very nice house that we will be moving into. Since there are three of us adults we can afford a huge place and you won't have to work anymore. Mark s going to be your new daddy and Aunt Laura will continue to babysit you." 

I listened through my tears and didn't know what to say. I suppose it was selfish of me to ask her to baby me and take care of me without offering anything in return. She didn't have to have sex with another guy though. I could still perform in the bed when I wasn't in baby mode. "We can still do all of that if you want but why can't you be happy with having me for your husband still? I can have sex with you and you won't need Mark. Please don't do this Susan!" I was pleading with her through my tears. I couldn't let Mark take my wife without a fight. 

"You don't understand baby. You just are not attractive like that to me anymore. I want to keep you as a baby and I want to make you happy. But I need for you to understand that this makes me happy. I want this. You will be completely taken care of and you will have my love always, just in a different form. I promise I will still sleep in your room and I will not ever make Mark anything other than my sex partner." 

I still could not give up but it was looking bleaker and bleaker for me. "But I don't know if I want to switch partners. I want you", I said in one last ditch effort. 

"Oh you poor thing you don't get it. We are not switching partners. Mark will still be screwing Laura just as much as ever. You won't be having sex at all dear. The only think you will ever have sex with is Laura's or Mark's hand. Babies don't get real sex. I wasn't going to let you even have handjobs because the thought of making you cum in a diaper disgusts me. Babies shouldn't be cumming but Laura convinced me that I should let her give you a thrill every once in a while. You are lucky to have an aunt who loves you so much. 

"I can't ever have sex again?" 

"No, I won't do this." Susan spoke up," well who are you going to get to have sex with you? We are going to keep you in diapers all of the time and everyone has already been told that you are now our baby. You don't have normal friends anymore. No one is going to screw a big whiny 2 year old that still wets his diapers." 

Susan had been taking her time undressing me and now she was ready to take down my diaper. She untaped me and at once saw the cummy mess that Laura had left me in. It was now a soaked cummy diaper and this made me feel like I wasn't even worthy of having this conversation about sex. 

Susan spoke up again, "Now who would want to have sex with a little baby that wets and cums his diapers?" 

Through tears I looked at her and conceded," Fine, I'm sorry mommy. You win." 

She looked down at me and for the first time all day kissed me on the lips passionately. "No sweety, we both win. Now help mommy get this diaper changed and I will let you stay up while the adults have fun. I didn't know what to expect but I was scared and still crying and now my mommy was changing my diaper again.

Chapter V

While Susan was pulling my fresh diaper up Mark and Laura walked in. "Everything okay with you two", she asked. 

Susan looked over at her as she was taping me up, "yes I think baby was just cranky. He'll be ok when he gets his nap." 

Mark looked over and spoke for the first time since entering, "Glad to hear it. Let's put him to bed then so we can get to the fun part." 

Laura elbowed Mark in the ribs. "Mark have some compassion. This is probably pretty hard for the little guy to take in so suddenly." 

Mark looked like he realized that what he said was mean and walked over to me on the bed. "I'm sorry wittle guy. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm just looking forward to having some alone time with mommy tonight." He leaned over and tickled my belly and I didn't know what to make of it. 

"Mark", I said. "What are you doing, man? it's me" 

Susan looked down and scolded me, "Now we don't call adults by there first names do we? You call him daddy or he will have to spank you." 

I looked at Mark but he seemed not to even recognize me. "You aren't the same person you were before wittle guy. Now you're daddy's big boy and there's gonna be some new rules. No more talking like an adult. You talk like a baby if you want something." 

Susan looked pleased that Mark was being so good with her baby. "Good, now Mark, watch the baby for a few minutes and Laura and I will go slip into something fun. Baby, you be good for your daddy and maybe we will let you have some fun tonight too before bed." Susan and Laura walked out of the room. 

I looked up at Mark and he made sure the girls were gone. "Look man this is the only time I'm gonna say this so listen up. I'm sorry for taking Susan from you and I'm really sorry that you aren't allowed to have sex anymore. When Susan found your stuff she had made up her mind to find another guy. I was her first choice because she didn't want to hurt you. I figured you'd rather have me fucking her than some guy off the street. I'm okay with this and I have to tell you I love screwing Susan. She's really cute. You're just gonna have to learn to deal with it. From now on we won't be friends. I'm your daddy and Susan's my new lover. I really am going to be a good daddy to you but I am going to continue to fuck Susan and that is that." 

I looked up at Mark not knowing what to say and I just layed my head back down. 

Mark knew this was hard and was not expecting me to say anything or to understand or even be happy about it. 

I knew what was going to happen and whether I was here as a baby or not wasn't going to change that. Susan would never have sex with me again. I just closed my eyes trying to think my situation through.This was the last time I would ever have an adult conversation with another guy and I didn't even have anything to say. 

Susan and Laura walked in a few minutes later wearing very sexy lingerie. I could feel my cock stiffen even though I knew I wouldn't be using it. 

Laura walked over to Mark and then looked down at me, "Now you're going to find out why your mommy chose Mark sweety." 

Susan walked over to me and I sat up. She looked me in the eyes and gave me a big hug that said 'so long' and then leaned in to whisper, "just remember I will always love you and I will always remember all of the fun times we had together as adults." She stood back up and her demeanor changed completly. She turned to Mark, walked over, and grabbed his crotch in her hand. "Laura, I'm ready for round two with your husband." 

Laura smiled and started unzipping Mark's pants. "Dear you have no idea what he is capable of yet." As Susan and Laura started to undress Mark, Susan looked over and instructed me to get off of the bed and sit in the chair like a good boy. 

I did as I was told and I watched as Mark was stripped and how hung he was. Now I knew why Susan would rather have sex with Mark than me. Some of it was because of the diapers but it was something else. I didn't satisfy her needs like Mark did. I sat and watched as Mark pushed Susan over the bed and shoved his cock in her from the back. I tried this once but was way too small. 

Susan started to moan like I have never heard before and I knew that Mark's cock was going places mine could never have. Laura watched this as well like she knew exactly what this felt like and couldn't wait for her turn. She didn't wait long before Mark grabbed her by the wrist and threw her onto the bed. He stopped fucking Susan just long enough to tell her to mount Laura. Laura was on her hands and knees on the bed and now her little sister crawled on top and mounted her. Mark climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind the two. 

Watching him dominate my mommy and aunt like this made my cock start getting very aroused. Wait did I just call her mommy in my head? I was still very upset and very angry and now I was starting to think of Susan as my mommy and not my wife. I was even angrier with myself for getting excited over this but I couldn't fight it. 

Mark threw his cock inside Laura and started to fuck her even harder than he had fucked Susan a few minutes ago. Laura was beginning to moan with pleasure when Mark switched holes and put it in Susan. This was humiliating having to watch Mark fuck both of them like this but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. Meanwhile my cock had stiffened so hard that it was aching for my attention. I decided that it wouldn't hurt anything to touch it through the outside of my diaper. I started rubbing myself while I watched and immediately my baby cock responded with a wave of pleasure through my groin. I let a smile slip onto my face and then quickly erased it remembering that this was my wife being fucked to my humiliation. I continued watching the scene in front of me as Mark was switching holes again. 

Susan was now almost screaming as Mark pulled out of her and into Laura. I could barely get Susan to orgasm once with my dick and Mark had just gotten her to have the best one of her life and he didn't even cum yet. 

Laura was building up to one of her own when Mark started thrusting harder than ever. Susan reached around and started grabbing Laura's beautiful nipples. Feeling her little sister on top of her touching her like this with Mark's rock hard rod pushing her to her limits was finally enough for Laura as she screamed out numerous times. 

By this time rubbing my diaper wasn't enough and I slipped my hand inside my diaper without even thinking about it. My baby cock stood at attention as my hand stroked it inside it's diaper. This should have been the worst night of my life but for some reason I started to enjoy this. I never took my eyes off of Mark's cock going inside these ladies and I started to imagine what it would feel like inside me. I quickly shook the thought off. It was becoming harder to focus on how angry I was with all the excitement. 

Laura let out more screams as she had her second full orgasm and Mark decided that she had enough and switched to Susan again. Susan took her weight off Laura and Laura turned upside down so she was facing Susan. Susan went down on her and there bodies pressed against each other as Mark pushed his way back into Susan. He started really ramming her and Susan realized that this is what Laura was talking about not knowing what he was capable of. There was so much pleasure all at once she didn't know if she could stand it. Mark's cock rammed her harder and harder until she let out an explosive scream and it was obvious that Susan had orgasmed again. 

I continued to stroke my cock and watch. I didn't think about it but somewhere I knew that I was getting close to orgasm myself. If I were paying attention to my actions I would have felt ashamed of masterbating to my wife cheating on me but I didn't have control anymore. I was about to cum to my mommy and another man. 

All of a sudden Mark shouted that he was gonna cum all over her and Laura said she wanted it in her mouth. Mark pulled out of my mommy and started to go towards Laura's mouth when my mommy, still out of breath, panted that she wanted it in hers. 

I was astounded! My wife only gave me blowjobs once a year on my birthday and she didn't like it. She thought it was gross. I kept masterbating as Laura consented and grabbed Mark's cock in her hand. She started stroking it to keep him going and lead it straight towards my mommy's mouth. Susan opened her mouth wide and as she accepted his cock into her mouth she glanced over at me. She realized I was masterbating to her sucking Mark off and smiled. 

Now totally excited that her baby was enjoying the show she turned back to Mark and took in his cock deep and started sucking hard. This was all Mark needed and his cum exploded into her mouth and ran down her throat. Susan looked suprised that so much of it was being shot out all at once and Laura kept pumping his cock harder into her mouth. 

Seeing Mark cum in Susan's mouth like that was enough for me and I let out a gasp as I cummed in my diaper. Everyone's attention was directed at me as I released all of my cum into my diaper. I was quite sure that there was no where near as much as Mark's but it was a lot for me. 

Mark just smiled and continued releasing his load into my mommy's mouth. Susan kept sucking hungrily until her mouth was too full. Mark pulled out of Susan's mouth not wanting to choke her and Laura kept pumping. After finally finishing up Laura walked over to me and told me to follow her to the bed. I had just cummed in my diaper and was humiliated. What could be next?

Chapter VI

I did as I was told very embarrassed that they had seen what I was doing and followed Aunt Laura. 

Susan looked up at me and said, "I see my baby liked watching mommy and daddy. That's very good cause that's all you are going to get from now on. I'm glad you learned to like it so quickly." 

I turned red and looked down but Laura brought my chin back up. "Don't be ashamed wittle baby. It's natural to get excited watching mommy and daddy having so much fun. You know you are gonna have to learn to be a good baby and clean up though." 

I looked at her puzzled and then over at Mark and Susan. Mark put his legs over the side of the bed and Laura pushed me over to him. Susan got up to help her as she licked the cum off of her lips. "Mommy left a little cum for baby so be a good boy and help daddy clean off his cock." 

Still not understanding I looked at Susan. "You saw how mommy did it now it's your turn." 

"What no!", I protested. I was not about to be turned into a little sissy bitch too. I was already mortified enough for one day. 

Susan looked at me, "you mean to tell me that his big cock didn't excite you at all. It looked to me like you were cumming pretty hard in your diaper at the sight of it." 

I thought back to how excited I was getting just watching it and I knew she was right but I couldn't let her know. I didn't want to be gay and I didn't want to be a sissy. I wanted to fuck my wife myself and I wanted to be a big boy again. I shook my head no but I couldn't hide it and mommy spoke up again. 

"I know you want it and it's alright. You don't have to be so proud all of the time. This is your new life now. Just enjoy it baby." I looked at his cock again and figured I had nothing to lose. I got on my knees and opened my mouth wide.

Mark's cock started getting closer and I closed my eyes as it entered the threshold and I got my first drop of cum on my tongue. I opened my eyes and looked up at Mark's face. "That's a good baby boy", he said as he pushed his cock further into my mouth filling it up. I closed my lips around his cock and started sucking it clean. It didn't taste all that bad. I actually liked this. I hated myself for it but I was enjoying this. 

Susan looked down and started to laugh out loud. "Laura you have to get a picture of this."

Laura ran out of the room and brought back a camera. "Say cheese my wittle baby cum slut." 

The picture snapped and I was so embarrassed that I wanted to die. Meanwhile I could feel Mark's cock getting hard again in my mouth. How could he be ready again so quickly? Laura realized that Mark was getting hard again and knelt next to me. "It looks like our baby is going to have an added little suprise soon but he needs to learn how to do it properly", she said. She took my hand and guided it to the part of Mark's shaft that wouldn't fit in my mouth. 

"Now grasp it firmly in your hand and pull it deeper into your mouth." 

My heart started beating faster as I took the next big steps into babyhood and started pulling his cock in and out faster with my hand. The more I fed on it the more I wanted. I started to hungrily suck until Mark arched his back and gasped. Cum started shooting into my mouth and I was not expecting it. I started choking a little but I was determined to please my new parents and do a good job. I got myself under control and lapped up all of his cum that was pouring out. I actually wanted this, I thought to myself. It wasn't that they were forcing me anymore but I was hungry for Mark's cock and his cum. At this thought I started sucking the remaining cum from the tip of his penis to make sure that I had not missed any. 

I knew that there wasn't as much as there had been when mommy had done this but I still thought I did a better job at swallowing all of it. 

Mark let out a sigh of relief and I finished cleaning him off and pulled his cock from my mouth smiling. Mark looked down at me and said I did a real good job and then walked out of the room to go take a shower. 

Susan walked over to me and helped me off of the floor. "That was a very good boy. I know you liked it from the big smile on your face so don't even pretend. From now on you will be Mark's baby slave as well my my wittle baby boy. You can suck him off whenever he wants." 

Hearing this sounded so disgusting and wrong but I knew somehow that this is what I wanted. I tried to push my manly pride down and just looked at Susan. "Thank you mommy. I did like daddy's cum. It was yummy." 

Susan smiled and nodded approvingly at this and then slid two fingers into my diaper. I didn't know what she was doing since she already knew that I had cummed when I was watching her but when she brought her fingers out she announced that I was a good baby for wetting my diaper like that. 

I didn't believe her at first and I looked down at myself. "I must have wet my diaper while I was sucking daddy's cock", I accidentally said out loud. That entire sentence just sounded so weird but so exciting at the same time. 

Susan smiled and patted my diapered behind. "That's okay baby. That's why you will be in diapers from now on. We can't let you run around in soggy diapers though can we." 

Laura stepped forward and said, "I'll take care of him. You go jump in the shower with Mark." 

Susan looked excited by this and thanked her as she ran out of the room. 

Laura pushed me down on the bed. "Well baby it looks like you really are our new little baby cum slut. I could see that you really enjoyed Mark's cock in your mouth." 

I looked down as my face turned red again. I just sucked her husband's cock and now she was going to change my diaper again. 

My humiliation today was almost more than I could stand. 

"It's really okay sweety. Now we have something in common because I like sucking it too." She giggled at this and started to untape my diaper. "Wow this is a whole lot of cum. I'm suprised so much came out of this little peepee after earlier." 

I looked down and realized she was right. That was a massive amount of cum that came out of me. Even for a normal guy it was a lot and this was after being jacked off earlier. "I guess maybe Susan just never treated you like a baby cock sucker like you like. You probably don't even like girls all that much anymore do you? No wonder you were never very good in the bed. I wonder though, do you think there is any left in there? At this question my cock stood up stiff in it's wet cummy mess from the diaper. "Well that answers both my questions now doesn't it. There is definately more in there. And I think you do still like girls more than even Susan knows. My little sister just doesn't understand how to handle bisexual sissies like I do." 

While she said this she started climbing onto the bed and had her legs on either side of me. She was still naked from the sex she had just had with my daddy and mommy and now her shapely breasts were hanging down over my face taunting me because I knew I was no longer allowed to have sexual relations other than with Mark and Laura's hands as I was told. I guess that meant Mark would be changing my diapers eventually. That thought made me smile inside my head. I looked up at her and was still fixated on her perfect breasts when she lowered herself onto me and slipped my cummy babyish cock inside of her. 

"What are you doing?", I exclaimed. 

"I'm gonna get in trouble! My mommy says I'm not allowed to have sex anymore." 

She looked down at me and shushed me with a finger. "Your mommy is in thoe shower so she can't hear anything. Earlier when I masterbated you it got me really horny. I find you in your diapers so cute and it made me very horny watching you suck Mark off like that. I know what your mommy said but my little sister is getting to fuck my husband so I should get something out of it too don't you think." 

"But my cock is so small. Why would you want to?" 

"Because I already told you. I think it is adorable and pretty and I want your baby cum in me. Seeing all of that cum in your diaper makes me think your sisy cock isn't as useless as Susan thinks it is. You just have to know how to use it." With that she started to fuck me better than Susan ever did. 

I could hear the crinkle of my messy diaper under us and I think she could too because she started moaning as she reached around and stuck a familiar finger into my ass. "Stop worrying baby. I won't tell your mommy if you don't. This will be our little secret whenever I babysit you." 

I was worried before about not getting any pleasure but I was wrong. This had been the best night of my life so far. I got put back into diapers permanantly, I was masterbated once by Aunt Laura and once by myself while watching my mommy get fucked, I got to suck the biggest cock I have ever seen and now I was being fucked by my babysitter on a soaked cummy diaper. I orgasmed very shortly after being fingered and fucked at the same time and Laura let out a muffled scream as she orgasmed from the thought of fucking her baby slut. 

Laura got off me and cleaned me up. After I was in a fresh diaper she sat down and brought me onto her lap. "Remember baby. This will be our secret. No baby of mine is going to be sex starved. Just promise you'll stay here as our little baby. I can't wait to watch you suck Mark's cock again sweety." 

The thing was I couldn't wait to have mommy and aunt Laura watch me suck daddy again either. I looked up at her and smiled and asked her how she knew that fingering my butt would make me cum so hard. She smiled down at me and leaned in close to whisper something to me. 

"If you think my finger feels good just imagine what daddy's cock will feel like inside you tomorrow when the two of us babysit you. I smiled big at this imagining being fucked by daddy and having Aunt Laura on the other side of me masterbating me. I was in for quite a day tomorrow and it was only my second day as their baby cum slut. I laid there in Laura's arms as she brought one of her stiff nipples into my mouth so I could suckle it. This was the start of a new life for me and now that I accepted it I was going to enjoy this. I let Laura's nipple guide me off to sleep. As I was almost in dream land I peered down at my diapered crotch and realized that I was wet again. 'I really am a baby', I thought.

Message from Mommy:
Layla, you will always be my baby and my hubby. I have read this story and this is bad. I am ur faithful mommy and wife. I won't be with other guys. I can see the baby's feeling and how hw felt betrayed. I won't betrayed you. But remember, you won't get good mommy like i am. So many bad mommies out there. And I am a good mommy for you. I love you.. Just trust me, I won't betray you :)

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