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A Night to Remember

John - 19 year old male
Fred - 20 year old male, John's best friend and next-door neighbor
Mike - 20 year old male, a bit of a moron who usually ends up on the wrong end of the joke.
Craig - 18 year old male, basically Mike's mini-me.
Ralph - 19 year old male, the group genius.
Chris - 16 year old male, Fred's younger brother.
Amber - 19 year old female, the "leader" of the group of girls the 'gang' meets at the beach.
Girl 1 to 5 - 18-20 year old females, the rest of the group of girls with Amber.

Point of View: John
All I could remember, as I began walking down the abused driveway, was how this all started… why I was here at this abandoned house with a few of my friends… It started a few days ago, while we were hanging out at the beach during this hot summer. Just us guys, fooling around and testing our luck with the stupidest of things at times, I remember we got my friend Mike to do a naked lap around the ocean on the public beach, I still can't believe he did it, he was pissed when he got back, apparently something about some girls laughed at him or something, I don't even remember… Anyway, as usual we kept daring each other to do stupid things, hell we are famous around here for doing these kinds of things, but of course, we kept pushing and pushing our luck, it was only a matter of time before we screwed up. There were six of us, all the same age range of 18-20 and back in our hometown for college break. I suppose I should start with myself, My name is John and I'm 19. My closest friend in the group is Fred, who is 20 years old and lived next-door to me my entire life, hell we were so close we were considered brothers by many. Next is Mike, who I mentioned before, and he is our 20-year-old moron who is typically on the short-end of the joke, however he is still one of our close friends, even if we abuse him a bit. The next member of the gang, and who I believe to be Mike's closest friend, is Craig. Craig is 18 and a bit of a moron himself, but still a fun-loving guy and always seemed to look up to Mike, I guess since he could relate to him or something, I'm not really sure. Next is Ralph, our group's 19 year old genius. Ralph is the type of person who appears to be groomed for perfection from birth, but to us he is the brains of our crazy dares, without him we would surely be lost. Finally we have Chris, who is age 16. Chris is Fred's younger brother and sort of the tag-along when we come back from school.

It started when we started talking about our latest "dares" with a group a girls that we hadn't meet before, most likely they are just visitors or from a near-by town, trying to pick them up to hang out with us and maybe someone might get lucky, who knows. They seemed to dig our stories, well all expect one. Her name was Amber and she was a bit of a snob, so it didn't surprise me to hear her say "Well if you guys are so tough, why don't you prove it to us? Let us pick the dare for you to do." Of course a few of us laughed at the idea of these girls making such a tough dare, but I was the one who spoke and said "Look sweetheart, I'm sure we can take anything you dish out to us, but why should we?" Then my male friends voiced their opinions of agreement with me, resulting in the girls going into a quick huddle. Upon finishing, Amber said "Alright, how about we make it interesting, If you guys beat our dare, we will each promise to go on a date with one of you, how about it?" Of course this was perfect for us, considering that was our goal from the beginning, so I quickly agreed and asked "Well, what is our dare ladies?" Amber smiled at us and said "The old, abandoned manor at the cliff edge on the other side of town, You boys know it, right? Well you have to survive a night at that manor. Don't think about leaving before sunrise, we will be locking the doors and blocking the windows. So are you man enough?"

And here we are… at the manor that has been over-run with nature from every corner. The landscape alone was enough to tell that no one had taken care of this place for years, maybe even a decade or two by now. As we reached the door, we saw the girls pull up in a van and we helped them with the boards and locks. It was more or less nearing nightfall by the time we finished boarding all the windows on the first floor up and locked all the doors, but the front. Since there didn't appear to be windows until what appeared to be the fourth floor, which I found very odd, we didn't have to worry about boarding any windows besides the first floor. As we took a short break at the steps of the front door, the girls began to unload their supplies for the night, it looked like they planned to have party while we sat inside the dusty old manor, sucked for us, but it will be worth it for the easy date we will get. As we began to enter, Amber walked in with us, and we all saw the creepy old manor's main hall for the first time. It was large, empty and dusty, as to be expected of an abandoned manor. Mike and Craig began to laugh at Amber and started to claim she made it far to easy for us. She just shrugged it off and said that if the rumors were true, we wouldn't come out of here ever again. I looked at her a bit confused, mainly since I had never heard any rumors of this place and I didn't really take Amber for the type of person to believe in rumors about haunted mansions. As Amber backed out and began to close the door, my friend had already began to turn on the flashlights and walk into the manor, I could have sworn I heard the soft whisper of Amber's voice say "Good luck, your going to need it…."

I turned around quickly, but I wasn't quick enough to see Amber before she shut the door. I heard the lock shut from the outside and decided to pass it off. If she had said something, it didn't matter now, we were here to stay either way. I signed and turned around, realizing I was already behind the rest of the group. I quickly turned on my flashlight and quick-walked my way forward, looking around to get a quick view of the hall before I caught up to my friends. As I entered the next room, a basic living room, I saw them sitting down on the couch and talking. As I sat down, Ralph said "Alright, I think our best move is to go up to the 4th floor since it has the open windows. With no AC in this building, it is going to get a bit hot in here and I, for, one want to enjoy a breeze as we wait for the morning." No one had any other ideas, so it we quickly got up and began to walk around the building, looking for the staircase to the 4th floor. As we went room from room, I began to notice a general pattern from the rooms. They were a bit feminine, not that that is a bad thing or anything like that, but it gave me a view into the previous owner, I'm guessing it was a lonely old female, since no man would be ok with this level of feminine furniture style in their home… We shortly found the stair-case to the second floor in the back-corner of the 5th or 6th room we had entered, so we climbed up to the pitch-black room above to quickly find out that there wasn't a stair-case to the 3rd floor right here… Who ever designed the house decided that putting a staircase that went all the way to the top of the building in the same spot would be too easy or something, so it became a bit of a pain as the next staircase could be anywhere…

Mike was the first to speak before we could move from the room, "Alright this is fucking ridiculous, We could walk around this floor for an hour before we find the next staircase…" Much to my surprise, Ralph spoke up next and said "Mike is right, how about we split up and meet back here in half an hour? One of us should be able to find the stair-case quickly enough that way…" We all seemed to agree and Mike and Craig began to walk to the south-eastern corner, as Ralph and Chris went to the north side of the manor, and Me and Fred went down to the south-western corner. As Me and Fred started to laugh about how this reminded us of a horror movie as we walked along the dark corridor… We never knew what we would find in half in hour when we returned and even more then that, what would happen by the end of this long, cruel night…

End of Chapter 1
Comments: I know there isn't much feminizing yet, however it will come next chapter! I just wanted to set up the story first. I plan to do at least one update per week, if not more. There are no tags yet because I am not 100% sure where the story will go yet, I am open to suggestions if you feel you have an idea you would like to see. Also different parts of the story will be told from the point of view of different characters, I will say who is telling the current part of the story at the beginning of each chapter. Thanks for reading! <3

Chapter 2: Disappearance

Mysterious Female - Nothing is really known besides that she serves "her master" and she is viewing the boys from cameras.
The Master - Owner of the manor and basically the ruler of everything inside of it.

Point of View: John
As I began to walk away from my other friends with Fred, I could feel we both felt a bit nervous about splitting up, I guess we both watched far too many horror movies or something. But I mean seriously, the same thing happens over and over again, the group splits up and the villain takes everyone out, person by person!… Ok, I might have watched far too many horror movies over my teenage years… Anyway, I started up a light conversation with Fred, if not to relax him, to at least relax myself. We spent the next 30 minutes on a variety of random topics, as we walked around a pitch black section of the floor, finding nothing at all.

As we realized it was almost half an hour and the time to meet back at the center, I began to find something off about this manor. It took me awhile, I think we were about half way back to the meeting spot before I realized it. For such an old house, that is clearly not taken care of from the outside, I couldn't find any sort of comb webs or animals inside here. There was a bare minimum of dust as well… It was very strange, but considering it didn't really matter much overall, I just didn't bother mentioning it to Fred.

We had finally reached the center and found Craig and Mike waiting for us. Of course these two most likely got bored after a few minutes and most likely just walked back early, but oh well. Craig was the first to see us and quickly told us how dull he thought this place was and how they found nothing. After we explained our boring journey as well, we sat around waiting for Ralph and Chris to come back as well. It was no surprise they were the last to come back, after all we gave them the entire North side of this floor to search.

5 minutes became 10, 10 minutes became 20, 20 minutes became 40, 40 minutes became… well you get the idea… It felt like forever since the meeting time, I was a tad bit worried, I mean this house is pretty old, they could have hurt themselves or something. After a few more minutes, It had to be about a full hour or so since the original meeting time, I saw a light shine into the room. After a failed attempted to block it out of my face so I could see, the light was shut off and I could hear a soft cry from the person. I knew it was Chris, he was always a bit of a cry-baby. Craig must have came to this conclusion as well, since he was the first to yell "Damnit Chris, what are you crying about?" The figure stepped forward into our flashlights and we saw it was indeed Chris. He had a few tears on his face and then I noticed that he had marks on his face, like he had fallen down, and he was using one of his hands to rub his head. "Chris, what happened to you?" I said confusedly. He quickly replied in his soft toned voice "I.. I don't know, The last thing I remember was having a rag over my mouth and then I woke up on the floor." I was shocked.. no beyond shocked.. There was only one question that came to my mind and I didn't want to even ask it, before I could make up my mind, Fred asked it for me. "Chris… Did Ralph do this to you?" I guess Craig and Mike weren't even thinking about that, since they turned to Fred with shocked looks of their own. Chris spoke up and said "No.. I don't think so I mean, It was my idea to spilt up when we reached the back side of the North section, so it would go faster. Besides why would Ralph do that to me?"

He was clearly a bit shocked from this entire situation, I mean we all were but he was the one who was drugged for god only knows how long… The first thing was clear, we had to look for Ralph. Either he was up to no good, and that is a very "nice" way to say it, or he is innocent and might be in some trouble of his own. I proposed the idea quickly, and Chris and Fred were with me, however Craig and Mike remained unconvinced. Splitting up had already proven to be a terrible idea, however these two didn't seem at all interested in looking for Ralph, so we decided to leave them here, just in case Ralph came back.

By the time we reached the other side of the North section and found the spot where Chris had fallen, it had been about 20 minutes and there wasn't much sign of Ralph anywhere. After some period of time had gone by, we still had no sign of Ralph, but suddenly a soft, creepy light came on in the room, as well as what appeared to be the rooms next to us. We then heard the sound of a microphone being shuffled around, and that was when we noticed small speakers in the corners of this room and the rooms next to ours… I assume we all figured the same thing by now, this was clearly not a good sign. Before we could decide on doing anything, a voice came on the microphone. It was soft and feminine, almost motherly and calming and it began by saying:

"Hello boys… How are you on this lovely evening? I hope you are enjoying yourself in my master's home. He is most upset that you decided to just come on inside without any kind of invitation. You know that isn't a very nice thing to do. However, we are willing to overlook this mistake of yours since you are going to be providing our entertainment tonight. You see, my master gets very bored when he has no guests. He loves to play games with his guests and, even though you are no guest of his, he is willing to make an exception for you. The game of the night is survival. The rules are simple, we have reinforced all the ground-level doors of this house, after you went up-stairs, and made it so you can't get out of this house unless you get the key to unlock the door. The key is on the fifth floor of this building. There is only one stair-case to go up and down on each floor and they are not located next to each other, as I'm sure you have realized. However, if you lose this game, you will forfeit your lives to my master. We have traps set up along the house, so do be careful! Oh and also, as long as one of you manage to leave the house, the others will be free as well. We have video cameras in all the rooms, so please nod your heads if you heard me correctly."

I didn't know what to think of this, nor could I really have time to process the information. All I could think about was to nod. I saw that Chris and Fred did it as well.

"Oh dear, it seems only 3 of you seem to understand me… I suppose I will just have to make the message a bit more clearer…"

I heard some noise in the background of what ever room she was in, then I heard some loud nosies from down the hall, where Craig and Mike where. I didn't even have to think about it, but I just ran down the hall. I could hear Fred's voice from behind me saying "We are right behind you dude, keep going!" I didn't know what was going on here, I didn't care. I just had to stop this from getting any worse… I could hear the female voice on the speakers again, cooing me as I ran along the hallway, it was both oddly mother-like and creepy at the same time.

By the time I reached the center of this floor, Craig and Mike where gone and I had no signs of them. I began to wonder what could have made them make those noises, when I heard Fred say "What the fuck is this…" I turned around to see a Tv screen with a button on it that said "press me" This was clearly not here before, but out of curiosity and hope that it would lead us somewhere, I walked up and pressed the button.

The screen flashed on and we all were shocked at what we saw. It was some girl, in an adult-sized princess room. She was in this massive dress, that basically would prevent her from walking straight. It was huge and pink, it was crazy that she would be wearing such a thing… I then noticed, after a minute of staring or so, that she was tied onto the bed. The Tv flashed again, with a small white box in the corner that said "loading…" Once it finally loaded, I couldn't believe what I saw… It was Ralph… The girl in this princess room was Ralph… He had make-up all over his face and he was gaged and knocked out-cold… Who ever this girl on the speakers was… she wasn't kidding… and She clearly meant what she said by this game… Ralph was her first victim and as we looked at each other, we all thought the same thing…

"Who was going to be next?"

End of Chapter 2

Comments: Again, sorry for not much more Feminizing, however I wanted to develop some more before getting into it. I do want to take some time to say that this story won't necessarily be in linear order, in the future I might go back to show different points of view at different times, however I will make sure to clearly state that at the beginning of each chapter, something like "This takes place during the events of Chapter #, from (Insert person's name here)'s point of view". I promise to clearly state this, as to avoid any confusion. I'm thinking of updating once a day this upcoming week, to get the story going along fast and so that new readers have more to judge on then a bunch of boys walking around a manor, heehee <3

Chapter 3: Downfall

Characters: (None New)

Point of View: John
After the Tv shut off, we just spent a few minutes in silence. Shocked… How could this have happened? We just had an innocent dare with some girls and then this… wait… What did Amber say to me when she was closing the doors? Could she… no… She couldn't have anything to do with this, right? I mean that wasn't her voice, but still… We might have hit on them, but we didn't do anything to deserve this, right? I.. I just don't even know anymore…

Fred was the first to speak, and it appeared he was going to be the "man" of the group, since me and Chris were clearly not in any state of mind to lead us. "We need to look for the staircase," Fred said, "If we can go to the next floor, then we can figure out what to do from there." I was still in a bit of shock, when I heard Chris speak "But what about Mike and Craig?" Fred replied "If we can get to that key, then they will be fine also and so will Ralph, we can't waste time wondering around looking for them. Besides, they might already be looking for the staircase, right John?" I didn't reply, until he called my name again, and I gave a weak nod and said "yea…" I think Fred could tell I was freaked out by this, I didn't care in the least.

The facts where plain and simple, Ralph, the smartest guy we know, was captured by these… these people. If they could get him with a trap, what chance did we stand? I barely felt like walking forward, I just followed Fred and Chris without even thinking another thought… I was just hopeless at this point…

After we had reached the staircase, we sat down on it for a minute. I was at the top, just looking around the next floor for something, anything to give me hope. I didn't see much… Then I heard it. Her laugh… The girl from the speakers. "It looks like someone is sad… I don't want any sad people in my master's game! They ruin the fun!" She was watching us… It was game over… There wasn't much hope…

Then I heard Chris' voice say "Fred… what was that?" I was confused when I looked down, I didn't even hear Fred say anything at all. "Its time… finally, ITS TIME!!" he turned from a small whisper into a yell. I couldn't believe it, what the hell was Fred talking about?! "I've wanted for so long to become a full-time sissy and this is my chance!" I didn't get it at all, sissy? what did he mean? Chris wasn't even moving, he was shocked, I mean we both where… I heard her voice "Ohhhh Looks like we have a volunteer, I guess its your lucky day then sissy-boi!!!"

Then it happened.

The base of the stair-case opened up and the stairs turned into a ramp, just liked out of one of those movies, Fred was gone in a sec, he basically jumped down the hole, I quickly grabbed onto the top pole of the stair-case and looked down to see Chris holding on to the last pole, half his body was already in the hole… This wasn't going to end well and we both knew it. He tried to lift part of his body up, but Chris wasn't built for this kind of thing, it just ended in failure. He knew he wasn't going to make it out of this… He looked up to me and said "Go John, Find that Key!!" As he closed his eyes and let go of the pole, falling down into the hole. "NOOOOO" I yelled as the stair-case turned back to normal and the hole closed up, I ran back to the bottom of the stair-case and banged on the floor. I should have noticed something… I should have been able to stop this… All I could do was sit against the stair-case and mope in my own failure…

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Transformation and Acceptance

Claudia IV - The "Master's" personal maid who personally greets one of our characters.

Point of View: Chris
I was scared.. I didn't know what was going on, and all of this was just crazy… I mean I fell down a trap-door! And Fred??? I… I… just don't know what to do anymore…

I landed down on a soft-pad, to see Fred had already been tied up and set aside. There was a girl, dressed in a french-maid's outfit. She must have been waiting for Fred and gotten a jump on him or something, but then again… he wanted this… Why was he tied up?? She broke the silence by saying "Hello, my name is Claudia the IV. I am here because my master has instructed me to take the two guests into our care and determine their future." I could tell that she wasn't the voice on the speaker, but there was something off about her… She didn't seem strict or demanding like the other girl or this "master", she didn't really seem to fit in…

She broke the silence again by saying "Do you wish to resist or will you go peacefully?" I thought at first to resist, but then I looked at Fred and figured if she could take him down, she could take me down easily… Then it struck me again, Why was Fred tied up?? He wouldn't have resisted… Was this a test? Another part of this sick Game? I wasn't sure, but I had to do something… So I did what I thought I could do, I charged her, then in an instance I saw the ceiling and then everything went black.

I woke up in what felt like a dream-like state of being. Everything felt numb and soft. I then realized I was tied down onto an examination table. It was set-up so I was stand up, just tied to the table. I could see into the other room… They were operating on Fred! I couldn't tell what they were doing, but it couldn't be good… Then I heard the door open behind me and I heard Claudia's voice again

"Are you awake?"

I said "yes." She replied, "Good." I asked what had happened to me and she told me that she flipped me and it led to me fainting. I was embarrassed alright… This girl basically kicked my ass in a few seconds, great way to show resistance there… "But there was something else… You wet yourself when you fainted," she said to me. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even think it could get any worse and it just did… I was speechless, so she continued the conversation by saying "Oh don't worry about the operation, its painless and you won't be awake for it. Either way based on you resistance and 'wetness', we have decided to do something different with you. You see, I'm growing older and I can't perform my duties as a Claudia anymore." A Claudia? So its not her name, but her title? She continued by saying "You remind me a lot of myself when I first came here… Resistant to accept the change and a bit of a bed-wetter." I didn't like where this was going on bit and then she said it.

"I'm going to make you into Claudia V. You will become the master's personal AB Maid and serve under his wisdom for many years to come."

I began to shout at her, but she quickly gagged me with a ball-gag and then after a few minutes of silence, she said "Are you going to stop screaming? If you have questions, I will answer them, but you must be polite about it." I had no choice, so I nodded and she released the gag. I could only think to ask one thing and that was "What do you mean by AB Maid? I'm a male, so I can't be a maid and I don't know what AB is…" She giggled at me, I felt embarrassed as if I just asked something stupid. She looked at me and said "The answer to all your questions is under my skirt, my dear." I was extremely confused, even more so when she walked in front of me, turned around (facing away from me), and bent over. I couldn't believe it… she was in diapers! She looked back at me and said "ABs are Adult Babies. So an AB Maid is basically a Maid in Diapers, around here that means you get played with by the other maids a lot." Other Maids? Diaper Maids? I was shocked, but I questioned her again, "But I'm a guy, Guys aren't maids!" She smiled and said "You would be surprised at what 'guys' are around here… Anyway, your operation is about to start, I figured I would humor you before tonight." I looked at her, almost wishing she wouldn't answer when I asked "Why, what is tonight?" She grinned even more and said

"Your Initiation…"

End of Chapter 4

Comments (Chapter 3 & 4): I decided to go with a double chapters this time, so I could make the switch from John's Point of View to Chris' Point of View more obvious. I'm sure many of you can figure out where this is going with Chris, so expect to see the AB element appear in full next chapter, as well as possibly another double chapter update to get back to either John or Fred. Also I plan on doing a chapter for Ralph's transformation in the near future, which would occur during the events of Chapter 2 (I will clearly state this, I promise). Hope you like the story so far <33

Chapter 5: Rage & The Apology

Alice - A mysterious teenage female who appears to hold quite of few surprised for John...

Point of View: John
I couldn't believe what had just happened… First the trap door and then how Fred was acting? It just all felt like it really hit me hard… I don't even know what to do next… I mean I just got to the 3rd floor and, for all I knew, I was the only person left. How was I suppose to do this? How am I suppose to get to that next floor, find that key and then make it done to the ground level and get outside?? I.. I don't even know… fuck… fuck… FUCKKK

I finally just got up and started to walk, I hadn't given much thought on where to go or what to do, I just walked. I entered the next room and realized that they, by they I mean the mysterious female and her "master", had planned on this game for awhile… The room I had entered was painted pure pink, wall to wall. There was nothing else and it was a massive room, It had to fill at least half of this floor alone. Maybe this wouldn't be too hard… I had reached the other side of the room, feeling mostly surprised that nothing had happened in the room, when I tried to open the door and realized it was locked. I thought for a second and was pretty sure this was the only way to go from the staircase, so would they just lock the door? I mean sure they wanted to play a game, but I didn't expect them to be this cruel to us…


I heard the whisper behind me and I turned around quickly, to see a teenage girl, basically my age, sitting on a bed. I didn't know where the bed came from, since it was surely not there when I first came in, but that didn't matter now. I spoke up and said "Who are you?"

She smiled at me and walked up to me, looking up and down at me, then said "Bring out the table", as she looked up to a camera in the corner of the room. I heard something that sounded like machines moving, and then the ground between me and the girl went downward, then came back up with a tea table. She sat down and pointed at the seat in front of her, so I sat. I wasn't exactly happy, hell I was angry at this place, but I knew that raging out against her wasn't going to do anything.

I guess she figured I wouldn't start the conversation, since she poured herself some tea and then poured another cup, passing it to me. She then said "So my dear, what my I call you?" I replied by saying "John and might I ask for your name?" She smiled, sipping some tea and then saying "You may call me Alice. Why don't you have some of your tea John?" I replied by saying "I'm not thirst, so lets star--" She cut me off by looking at me with a glare and saying "You know its quite rude to ignore an offering of tea from a lady. You should think twice about doing so." I didn't like what she was saying, and after everything that had happened, I was sick of it, I stood up, causing my chair behind me to fall back and threw the tea cup against the wall, shouting "I'm tired of this ****, Tell me where my friends are now!!"

She glared at me and said "Well I must say I am disappointed in you John… such a temper… I had planned to tell you some advice if you had a cup of tea with me, like a gentlemen, but since you decided to be a brute, I don't think I should anymore." I was a bit taken back by this… Maybe I had just jumped to conclusions about her… so I said "Alright… I'm sorry about that."

She looked at me and said "Prove it."

She got up and went over to the bed, sitting on the edge and taking off her skirt, showing her white panties. I was a bit unsure about where this was going, so I tried to say something. As I opened my mouth, she said "Shhh" and then took off her panties, smiling at me. I couldn't believe it… she had a dick… She looked at me and said "So sweetie… Prove that your sorry, by giving me a good blowjob like a cute little slut should."

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Pre-Initiation

Characters: (None New)

Point of View: Chris
I woke to a weak state of mind, I couldn't think straight and everything was blurry. I looked to my arm, at my side, and it was chained to the bed, I assumed that everything was, but I felt too weak to even try to lift my body up. I quickly fell back to sleep, I must have been drugged or something I thought…

I woke again, this time a bit more focused, but still a bit blurred. I looked around to see that I was in some sort of pink adult bed, that had covers surrounding all sides, which I could not see out of. I looked down and I realized I must be dreaming, for I had breasts. I laughed a little, out loud, and I guess that someone was around for I heard some shuffling and the cover moved aside to show Claudia IV, still in her maid outfit. She sat down at the edge of my bed and looked over at me, saying "How are you sweetie? I bet your still a bit dazed from the operation… Sorry about that, but I figured it would be best to get it out of the way right away!" I laughed again, saying to her "Yea yea, I don't care much for this dream." She giggled at me and said "Oh no sweetie, this is no dream. Those melons of yours are real! Well they are really yours anyway!" I blinked a few times, looking down at my chest and then looking back at Claudia IV.

"Wh..what?" I said

She smiled at me and rubbed the side of my face, saying "Awww your so cute! I knew I made the right choice to pick you for my replacement!" Thats when our conversation hit me, she did mention an operation… Is this what she meant?? I looked up, I assumed my fears where showing on my face, when I said "Wh..why did you do this to me?" She laid down on top of me, cooing me and saying in a soft voice "Because this is what you are meant for, to replace me as Claudia V, I'm sure of it. Don't worry, it will be at least a year before you fully take over and I retire, you will learn everything easily enough!" I felt something weird on my crotch area, something soggy and I turned my head to see a huge diaper leaning out the back of Claudia IV's maid outfit, dripping a bit onto my naked crotch. I guess she noticed me looking and giggled, smiling at me and saying "Awww, you better get use to that hun, your going to be learning to live with diapers soon enough!"

I was shocked, again, saying "But.. But I don't need diapers, why should I wear them??" She replied "Well first off, diapers are just cute and all Claudias wear diapers! Its part of our uniform! Secondly, thats not entirely true what you said… Another part of your operation was to remove complete control of your waste systems, You can no longer pick to pee or poo, it will just come out naturally now! So now you do need diapers, so I recommend you wear them or else you will get in trouble for ruining your panties!!" I was speechless, I couldn't believe what was going on right now… I was basically told by this diapered maid that she decided I was going to be a diapered maid for the rest of my life… I… I couldn't even reply to her at this point…

"Now sweetie, we need to talk about your 'The Initiation' for tonight. This bed will be the location, so you don't need to worry about moving and I will bring your uniform for when we are done. You don't have to wear clothes, since they will get in the way, but don't worry about those details. Just stay here and rest until night and I will make sure everything is ready for our special evening…" she said to me with a wicked smile, as she got up and left, leaving me naked and tied to the pink bed with no idea of where I was or what to expect for this Initiation…

End of Chapter 6

Comments (Chapter 5 & 6): I'm super sorry for the delay in these chapter releases, but I promise to make up for it! I plan to do the entire Initiation process in the next chapter, as well as finish up with Alice's part in the following chapter. I plan to also go into detail about the "adventures" of the other two boys, Mike & Craig, before returning back to John's adventures.
A Night to Remember.... 
My Sissy Horror Story! <33

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