Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yay! Phillip is femmed and babified for Aurora! She is about to give Baby Philena a true love's kiss. Now for the story:

When Aurora was a baby the three good fairies visited her to bring gifts! Flora sprinkled fairy dust on her to give her the gift of beauty, Fauna gave her the gift of song, while Merryweather gave her a gift that broke the evil Maleficent's spell by letting her go into a deep sleep until her true love Prince Phillip woke her with a kiss. To remember these wonderful gifts she kept fairy dust from that day in a bottle. One day Prince Phillip needed to borrow some liquid soap from Aurora so he could take a bath. Since their pet kitty was burping out bubbles he could only have guessed where his went to. Aurora was combing her hair and didn't notice she accidentally handed him the bottle of fairy dust. It was made to turn anyone into a beautiful baby that will blossom into a gorgeous and sexy young lady. As soon as Phillip sprinkled the fairy dust on him he noticed some changes and then suddenly felt very baby girlish. Since it was made for people who are already babies in body it made him into an adorable adult baby girl instead. Aurora noticed she gave him the wrong bottle and came in to see a new cute adult baby princess playing in the bath tub. She was surprised at first but then she fell in love with the sweet AB girl and wanted to baby her!

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